About Vetpreneur Tribe

Business is our new Battlefield!

Vetpreneur Tribe is the strongest existing community of Military Veterans turned Entrepreneurs.  This tribe was created to come together as one Joint Armed Forces to strengthen the business world as veterans.  Within this community you become part of a strong and tight knit family.

More than just the camaraderie, by becoming part of this family you get to network with other Entrepreneurs who are more than happy to do business with other veterans.  You will also get free resources, valuable content and unlimited access to people who have been where you have been and are going where you are going.

We come together to help each other create our own legacies and build our massive empires.

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Our Founder

Andrew O’Brien

Andrew is an Army Veteran that served from 2007-2011, during his time in service he deployed to OIF 08-09.  Andrew served as an 88M (Motor Transport Operator), but during his deployment he served as a lead gunner.  Throughout his life, he experience four major hurdles by the age of 23: Prostitution, War, Suicide and Murder.  He was raised by a prostitute mother, deployed to Iraq, tried to take his own life after returning home from war and then his mother murdered her husband when he got out of the military.  At that time his mother asked him to help frame someone else for the murder, which he declined.  He was forced to testify against her in court where she was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

After experiencing this life, Andrew decided to go into business for himself.  He built a successful publicity company from $0 to 7 figures in it’s first year.  After realizing that the money wasn’t creating happiness for him, he decided to leave his successful company behind and create Vetpreneur Tribe.  He always knew that he belonged within the Veteran community, and this could be his way to get back to his family.

Mission & Beliefs

Here’s what we stand for…

Believing that Veterans aren’t better than civilians is bullshit.  We were not born better, and we are not some “supreme” race, however we were trained to be better by the oldest and strongest business in the world… the United States Military.  The skillsets we were given gives us a leg up on the civilian “competition”.  Veterans are 45% more likely to start their own business than civilians, and they also have a higher average 5 year success rate on new ventures.  That is not luck, that’s statistics that prove how Veterans stand out.

As of now, Veteran owned businesses makes up for just over 9% of the business world.  This number has decreased annually.  Our mission is to bring Veterans back together to strengthen our numbers in the business world and create a stronger economy for our country.  This is more than just a business, this is a movement that will make it’s way into the history books.  With the statistics being what they are without a strong community to make that happen, imagine what we can do together as one Joint Armed Forces instead of alone.

We are NOT a nonprofit.  Vetpreneur Tribe is a business and is ran as a business.  We do not believe that veterans are victims that need a handout or that they deserve to just get free shit the rest of their life.  Veterans earned respect for what they did, but not a free pass to success and life.  We are sick and tired of the public looking at Veterans as though they are broken and weak when we are the exact opposite.  If you believe that you should get free shit because of your service, this is not the tribe for you.  This tribe is for those Veterans that are ready to put in the work to build their empires, not the ones that want to sit on their couch and believe that the empire should just be handed to them because they “earned” it.