Digital Allies, what are those you might be thinking right about now.  Well, they are how you can grow and build your business by harnessing the power of others and developing a symbiotic partnership to help the both of you.

Interested?  I’m not saying you should go and try and make peace with your direct competition, but stranger things have happened if done right.  But you should start looking for your digital allies, and learning what you can do for each other.
When I start talking about digital allies, the first question always seems to be “What kind of business do I need to look for?”  This is a pretty simple question to answer once you are in the right mindset.  You need to look for businesses similar to your but not identical, that you can bring something positive to the table and that you can gain something in return from them.
Let us look at this quick example of two web development businesses:

Business A builds powerful websites that capture and convert, but farms out all of the front end and branding to various other contacts, because he hates doing it.

Business B help clients build strong brands with great messaging and content but hates developing the sites and farms it out to make his life easier, but knows how to build it and verifies it is done his way.

These two businesses would make great allies and maybe even partners.   This is because they both can bring strengths to the table and help the other business remove weaknesses.  By building this alliance, both businesses grow and prosper by focusing on what they are GREAT at and leaving the other stuff to another professional.
An alliance will also benefit current and future customers of yours because when they hire you, they don’t get just your strengths but also those of your alliances.  Thus allowing you to charge more for your services because you are only providing premium solutions to all the problems.
I will tell you that a digital alliance isn’t for everyone because it does mean that you have to be able to delegate, communicate and listen to the needs of others.  If you cannot do those things the relationship will be very one-sided and you will love your digital ally that you worked hard to find.  Everything has to be a two-way street and help both parties equally.
Also once you have a strong alliance with someone you need to make sure not to go and form another alliance with another business that threatens your current alliance.  How would you feel if your ally went and found another person that did what you did and sent half of the work to the new ally?  You would be upset and rightfully so.  So once you find a great ally, keep them happy, work with them and build your businesses together.

 Secret Digital Allies Tips

  1. Beneficial to Both Digital Allies – When approaching someone about becoming a Digital Ally make sure you have figured out the benefits for them as well as yourself.  This is important to forming powerful allies, it lets them know you are going to help them while they are helping you.  I always make a list of the benefits and what I plan on doing to help them grow and clearly explain exactly what I am hoping from them.  Clear communication is key when building a strong alliance.
  2. Both Digital Allies, Different Products, Same Niche – The best allies focus on the same niche but different products that WILL appeal to the niche.  For instance, if you are a web developer, you should be focusing on Instagram Advertisers, Facebook Advertisers, and other online marketers.  You can offer your clients the services that they provide and work a deal out for them to offer their clients your services.  Make sure that your services are not in competition in any way and that they complement each other.
  3. Help BEFORE you ask – Offer help to the person for no reason other than to help them.  You will learn a ton about the services they provide, what they offer customers and it will help you learn how you can ally with them.  Do NOT expect them to just say yes, you are asking them to trust that you can perform a task and hope they talk about you and your company.  Start by talking about what they do with the people you help and your clients.