The Vetpreneur Tribe is an online community of Veteran Entrepreneurs dedicated to take their business to the next level. We accomplish this by taking the high standards we learned in the military and build upon them in the civilian sector.

Our tribe consists of thousands of Vetpreneurs of all military backgrounds and participates in nearly every industry of business. If you are a Veteran and Entrepreneur (aspiring entrepreneurs too), you’ll find the advice, camaraderie and expertise you are looking for in our Vetpreneur Tribe Facebook Group.

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8-10 Sept 2019 – Washington D.C.

We will have a Vetpreneur Tribe meetup/workshop to help you solve your problems in business. We will work in small groups so we can go into detail, suggest solutions, create collaborations and contacts to fast track your success.

You will walk away with ideas, solutions, new contacts, collaborations and you will know what the next step for you is.

*We must have 10 tickets sold to reserve the space for the workshop. Please use the link below to make this happen.*